Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chasing the Blue Angels.....

Today Thomas had soccer as always on a Thursday morning. He is really getting into it and participating....go Thomas!
Well after soccer we were heading home, nothing much planed and then.......

One after the other. What was that? Harry called out.

I can not take credit for this photo, just a cool shot I found onine today

The Blue Angels are in town and are practising before their big annual Seafair show this weekend.
Well.....screech went the tires, huge U-turn and off we go! Follow that plane!

I called Dave to see when they were practicing and found out they had two sessions today. Great we will watch them land and catch the second show down by the water.

After stopping to buy some lunch we missed the landing...bumer! So we hung out at Boeing Field so we could at least watch them take off. Talk about fun! We had planes landing right over our heads. Trains going by, huge trucks and construction. What more do two little boys want!!! Talk about great entertainment.

I parked the car at the south end of the runway, opened the sunroof and sat on the roof with Harry, it was so much fun! Thomas was in his seat watching a DVD. I think the last airshow has turned him off loud planes for a while, he didn't want to get out of his seat and was asleep shortly after anyway!

Finally after an hour of waiting the Blue Angels took off.....

see video, still to come. I lost my cell phone shortly after this, so check back for pics and video!

Quick Harry jump into your seat and buckle in, lets follow them again. So off to the Lake we went to continue our plane chase. They flew over the top of the car a few times, the sound was deafning!

We found a great spot down near Seward Park on Lake Washington and watched again from the roof of the car......Just Amazing!

Here are some more video's from the day........Check back when I have found my phone!
Some silly Harry moments from the breakfast table today....

He was super excited about finding a really frosted mini wheat in his breakfast bowl!

While talking about birthdays, he said "Mommy, now that Thomas is 3 does that mean he gets 3 minuets on the time out step?" said with a big smile on his face, what a big!

After finding another really frosted mini wheat and being all excited again, he gives it to me...he is such a sweetie!

One of the best comments of the morning..."Mommy, are we going to the gym today? You need to get a skinny belly" I sware he is teaming up with my personal trainer to kick my butt!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What a Noise!
More photo's from the McChord Airshow July 08.....

Hands on the ears, that was a common site today!

Dave, Grandma, Grandpa, Harry & Thomas (in the stroller) out front of the hanger!
The huge crowds, there must have been tens of thousands!

Harry, Mom and Nikko, he was scared of the noise so he hid down Harry's top! The Thunderbirds were amazing! Mt Rainer made a beautiful backdrop for the show on such a clear day.

The boys enjoying the day when it wasn't noisy. We set up camp where the kids had fun playing, coloring and eating frozen lemonade, that is when they were not hiding from the noise.
Here is Harry on the C12...agh forgotten the name (Dave help, what was the plane called?)

Great day and can't wait for the next show!
Payback time!

Today the boys and I headed to Starbucks for a yummy coffee and a cookie treat!

I love it, the boys had helped me with house work all morning and as a treat I asked them where the wanted to go...Starbucks!!! Have I brainwashed them or what, next thing you know they'll enjoy shopping at Potterybarn

Anyway, today it happened again! Another free order...OMG! The car in front paid for my coffee and cookies. I told the SB girl that this happened the other week too at a different SB drivethrough. She said it is becoming a real popular thing to do, its called "Payback" were you pay for the car at the back of you.

My goal is to do this next time and start a "payback" for the day, it really does make you feel so good to get a free coffee!

Just another reason why Seattle people rock!
Home sweet Home
Our cute little inner city cottage back in Australia

The last few months our real estate focus has been on 100yr old house back in Newcastle Australia! Its been a drain of an investment, although the cutest little house ever, it really has not been that much of a success when it comes to an investment! We decided to put it on the market last April. 4mths and one terrible offer later we decided to take it off the market and lease it again....agh!

To be honest I am a little relieved as I LOVE this place, I'm so!

It is now rented and we could not ask for a better tenant, one of the property managers at our real estate management office. It's a relief to have it rented again and to someone who is really going to take good care of it!

"So little to do and so much time! strike that, reverse it." - Willy Wonka

The house improvements are coming along....slowly but surely! Dave is still puzzled as to why I call it house "improvements" when we bought a house "move in ready" Laugh Out Loud!!!! Honey you married an Interior Decorator, what did you think was going to happen!

While Warren was here he helped so much with the house, hung my curtain rods in the front room, installed a light under the stairs, attached the lintel over the front door, hung pictures on the walls, helped attach the chalkboard to the kitchen wall....and the list goes on! Thanks Warren, You Rock!

The newly hung curtains in the front living/dinning space

It was so nice to have a second pair of hands around to help me on my DIY quest! There really are somethings that need two sets of hands...OK and someone who knows what they are doing helps!

Here are some updated pics of the house...

Found this great second hand lintel at second use, LOve that store!
I am going to paint it white to match the door trim, will update when its done...

Just had to add that this one of my cutie boy...toot toot!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Exploring Renton &
the Renton River Days Parade...

This week Renton is holding its annual Renton River Days Festival! For the past 20yrs Renton has celebrated its community by hosting a wonderful week full of fun and games for everyone! They hold a kids day, art exhibitions, circus performance, rubber duck race, pancake breakfast, the street parade and so much more!

Today was the annual street Parade down Main St, Old Downtown Renton!
So much fun!!!!
The moms group participated last year for the first time and had a ball! This year the theme of the parade was exploring Renton. So the RMG transformed into explorers, complete with our pith helmets and toilet paper tube binoculars. We decorated our bikes and strollers with animal print balloons and had our group banner front and center taking pride of place in our group! We were out exploring Renton.
Harry had a ball walking with his friends and waving at the crowd, he said "mommy look at all these people that came to see me!" hehehe...
We walked past the announcement tent where the local news reporter announced our group walking by, it was a special moment to hear someone announcing our group and saying what we do, I think we were all very proud of our group at that moment, very special!

It was very exciting not only to be participating but to see and be part of the great turn out the city got! SO many people walking and watching...
I love our little city of Renton and today only made the pride swell all the more!
Go Moms of Renton!!!The kids had a great time, by the end they were exhusted....Thomas was asleep by the time we got back to the car. There are more photos to come so check back soon=)

Friday, July 25, 2008


Grandma and Grandpa helped us enjoy our first BBQ with our new grill and outdoor set while they were here.
It was the most perfect night, 7pm and it was a whopping...84deg! The sun out, a beautiful cool breeze blowing, shade from the wisteria and the smell of Meat grilling. It doesn't get much more relaxing after a hot summers day! Oh, and did I mention the wonderful iced wine....mmm!
The kids played in the pool and took great pleasure in trying to splash Daddy while grilling. Only if every night could be this easy.
We started out with the Bruschetta that Harry and Grandma had made, it was delicious!!! Thanks Harry you are quite the little chef. It was then followed with Rib eyes cooked perfectly, Cesar Salad with sundried tomatoes and bacon, grilled red peppers and crusty bread!
The best part was taking our times, we had no where to be and nothing else to do so we just sat, ate, drank and talked for hours!!! What a great summer night!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thanks Grandad and Nana....

Thomas loves his present....a box of cars what more does a little boy want!

He was so excited when he opened the box I had to get the video camera. So you kind of miss the initial reaction of excitement but I thought you would like to see him enjoying them!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Letter to my little boy.....
Happy 3rd Birthday Thomas!

Its hard to believe that this time 3yrs ago the labor and the pain was all over! And I was laying with you tucked in my nightgown, you fast asleep on my chest, so precious and so small!
Only a few hours old and already the feeling of an amazing love!

To this day my first moment with you alone is one of my most treasured memories.
That special time after the chaos of the day, to finally have you in my arms. No nurses, no Doctors, no bright lights or loud noises, at long last everyone had gone.
Just me and my new little baby Thomas.

Now you are 3, how that time has flown!
Happy Birthday my little man...xx

We celebrated at the Rainforest Cafe, see movie above.

Here are some of Tom Tom's favorite things -
  • Cars
  • Speed Racer Movie
  • Story time before bed, "where's my mommy?" "Kisses" "Round the garden"
  • Eskimo Kisses
  • Drawing with chalk
  • Digging in the dirt ie, mommies garden
  • Playing soccer
  • Best Bud is Noah
  • Pulling all his bedding down and sleeping on the floor
  • Has chocolate milk banana and oats for breakfast
  • Swinging in his yellow bucket swing
  • Word World, Noddy, Jay Jay and Super Why!
  • Picking on his big brother
  • Baby George, aka Curious George
  • Polar Bear

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cooking with Grandma....

"Mix some love and hugs and a little bit of milk, that's how its made" - Harry talking of Grandma's tiramisu, what a sweetie! I think he was quoting what grandma had said previous but I didn't hear it, anyway still cute!

Grandma and Grandpa have been staying with us this week.

Harry has had a ball in the kitchen cooking with Grandma. If there is anyone that can teach him to cook its his Grandma as she cooks for a living!
Here are some of the delicious things they made....

Here they are grating chocolate for the tiramisu...yummo!

Harry holding up his little tiramisu cake with chocolate sprinkles

Fruit salad....yummy yummy!

Washing the freshly picked mint from the garden, so yummy on a fruit salad.

Bruschetta...mommies favorite! Great job with the oil Harry it was delicious!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The star of the show.....
at the Northwest Pony Roundup 2008!

Today we started out the same way we always do on a Sunday morning, breakfast at IHOP!

We then spent the rest of the day at a mustang car show with Grandma and Grandpa. This is the biggest Mustang car show in the states, so I guess the biggest one in the world! It was great, not only because it was Mustangs but because Dave's car was being showed for the first time!!! Whooo Hoooo!!!

Dave's car being showed was a total surprise. We drove to the Mustang shop yesterday to show the grandparents and it was gone... It could only mean one thing (or maybe it was stolen...but who would steal a car with no seats!) Anyway, we got to the show and guess what we saw first.....The car! It was quite exciting. The perfect blue paint glistening in the sun, Dave was so proud and I was so proud of him, a very special moment! Sure it was not finished and in no way was it driven there, like I said it doesn't even have seats yet or wheels or an! But man did it draw the crowds, just a stunning looking car, we can not wait to see it finished.

Harry found his favorite Mustang..... next to Daddy's of cause!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Is it a bird? Is it a Plane......Thunderbirds at the McChord Air Show

Today we spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa out at the annual McChord Air Show....Unreal!
They had so much fun stuff to do and so many planes to see and explore. We got there around lunch time and the crowds were crazy! It took us so long to park and even longer to get out of the parking lot afterwards on the way home. So many people! I would love to see what the crowd count was today.

The main attraction of the day is the aerial acrobatics and plane demonstrations. They did a reenactment of the bombing of Pearl Harbor which was really amazing. Obviously no boats, but the air display simulating what took place that day was incredible. Harry loved the explosions, especially when he saw the skydivers a little later on.
He said "look mommy the Power Rangers are here to save them" from then on, he just wanted to see the power rangers....Harry you are so funny!

But really the best was still to come. The boys were loving the planes, that is until they made the sonic boom noise or flew over the top of us or were just really loud. Harry didn't mind, but Thomas freaked out with the sound! He spent most of the time on my lap with his hands over his ears, poor little sweetie! Mommy will bring the earmuffs next time, I promise.

So anyway, like I was saying the best was still to come......the Air force's Thunder Birds!
Awesome, is really the best word I know to describe them, just amazing!
Dave, Grandma and Harry moved towards the runway to get a closer view, while I stayed back with Thomas and Grandpa. I didn't think Thomas would handle being any closer with the noise. They started up and took off, man they were loud! Just as I thought, Thomas freaked out again, so he snuggled with me and put the blanket over his head. Every time a plane would go over his little arms would cling on to me even tighter, just precious! He was asleep within 5mins, how he slept through that noise I will never know.

We had a wonderful time, such a sight to see and I know Harry will be talking about this for weeks to come. It was perfect day for an airshow, clear skies, sunny with a cool breeze. Could not ask for a more perfect summer day!
I will update some photos from the airshow over the next few days, when ever I get them off my camera!

On the way home we stopped of for dinner at a great little Thai restaurant in Kent called Mauigotai....yummo! Best Green curry chicken ever! The boys even ate their vegetables, we are so going back there!

A great day was had by all, but I am tired so I am going to bed! Big day tomorrow, but you will all have to read about that tomorrow night!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Claim Jumper....home of the motherload!

One of our favorite places to take our out of town visitors, for a true taste of American food not to mention outstanding American portions is....Claim Jumper's.
A fun family restaurant located 10mins south at South Center (great shopping area)
River stones, log beams, chandeliers made from antlers and a huge buffalo head over a very impressive stone fireplace, its got the charm of a huge log cabin that offers wonderful home cooking.
Meatloaf, pot pies, pot roasts, biscuits and gravy just to name a few of their signature dishes. But the real signature dish that its know for has to be the Motherload....chocolate cake 8 layers high!
This cake measures over a foot high and when you ask for a piece don't expect to finish it! Even Dave couldn't finish it! The deserts on their menu are crazy huge and will need to be shared, that's even if you get to the desert! The meals in general are just huge, you don't leave without a bag of left overs.
Today we headed there for lunch with Dave's mom and step-dad who are in town this week. We had a great time catching up and hearing all about their travels up to this point.
We didn't order anything to outrageous today, mainly salad's. They do a killer Asian chicken salad which I got. Warren ordered a crab wedge salad which I think I will be ordering next time we go, looked sooooo good! Man were we full but it didn't stop us from heading of to the Cheesecake Factory for coffee and cake for afternoon tea....yummo!
Thanks to my Personal trainer, I am in PAIN!!!
My legs feel like I have just run a marathon and then some. I love the fact that I have someone pushing me and getting me out of my comfort zone when it comes to my fitness.
But I want to cry....poor me, sob, sob!
Anyway, enough of my whining, I am looking forward to my regular Monday work out, hopefully my legs will be up for it, I swear I am using muscles I have never used before!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Magic Lemon

by Harrison Rule

Once upon a time there was a magic lemon tree. It had magic lemons growing on it.

Then one day a lemon fell off, just one. It was the magic lemon. It feel on the ground and cracked open. Out came a lemon person, he was huge.

The lemon person got a lemon boat, he wanted to go to Sydney. So he went to Sydney and on the way he slept, it took a long time!

He got there and found a lemon tree. It had a magic lemon too. He pulled it off and cracked it on the ground. Out came another lemon person, they are friends. They went on a boat back home together and had fun.

When they got home they cracked another lemon so they could have a lemon dog. It was hungry and wanted a lemon bone that he found under the tree and thought it was very yummy!

The End

Harry will fall asleep anywhere, even on the stairs...

Tonight at bed time Harry wanted to tell me a story, this was just one of seven! He has such an amazing imagination. I love his story telling, I think tomorrow we will make a book together!
When the Mama's get away....well, the Mama's PLAY!!!!

Here is a small glimpse of moms gone wild!
12 crazy fun moms on a road trip down to Elma. Where in the world is Elma? I hear you say. Somewhere 2hrs south of Seattle. A great little country town where we were the hottest chicks! We stayed the night and had a great time dancing, drinking and oh more drinking.
Can't wait to do another rd trip with the girls it was a very memorable night.
OK, so it was a few months ago now, but that was before I was blogging and I so want to share, this video cracks me up every time!
Sorry Danielle, I know you hate me for blogging this ya!

Danielle is the one running around being chased by crazy turtle neck sweater man, just hilarious!

Magical Mystery Van!

So yesterday while I was backing out of a parking space in the target car park, I totally backed in to the cart return....oops! What a sound it made, metal on metal and a real crunching sound, that can't be good.

I got out of the car to inspect the damage, I couldn't see anything! Then my friend came over and said "what did you do?" pointing to the back right hand corner, oh there it was! Job well done! The corner was all dented in, a good 6in deep dent that resembled the cart return.

Obviously not the target car park, this is from our trip to Ocean Shores.

Well there was nothing I could do about it right then and there, so I went and had dinner with my friend and the kids. When we returned to the cars about an hour later, I buckled the boys in and walked around the back of the car to get in my seat. To my surprise, the dent was gone!!! How does that happen? I had to check the number plate to make sure it was the right! I could not believe it, it was like it never happened!

I quickly called my friend to make sure it really did happen or was I just losing my mind...ha! She was just as baffled as I was, what a magical van!
Lifestyle change....
So I am now working with a personal trainer to get fit and healthy. Now all I need is a chef to cook me nutritious food!
Why is it that when you try and stay on the straight and narrow with good choices ie. healthy and low calorie food. McDonald's always sounds sooo good!!!

Today after running a few errands around the place, we were pretty pressed for time. So McDonald's drive through for lunch it was.....grrr! I can be strong! I can be strong! I'll just get a small snack wrap and NO FRIES!

Well, thanks Harry for being so generous in sharing! "Mommy, here you go I've had enough, you can have the rest" what is one to do when there are fries and nuggets just sitting on the seat next to her, saying "eat me!" OK so the diet was blown today.

I talked to the boys about making changes in our lives, this will mean no McDonald's (except for special occasions) I explained to them that it was not good food and that we need to make healthier choices for our bodies. Harry totally got it and said "is that why you go to the gym?"

Anyway, we got home and Harry too wanted to "make some better changes for his body" he said. He wants to have a strong and healthy body too.....

Harry you make me laugh, all change is good....

My little superhero!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First time with a personal trainer!

And it was amazing!!!! I am now feeling so motivated to get in to shape. Aaron my PT is just wonderful, he could tell from our first session what my bodies weaknesses and strengths are and the particular needs for problem areas.

It was a little scary at first, he did have a tape measure in his hand! So he measured me up and pinched my fat to take measurements for my BMI...couldn't wait for that part to be over with! Then I had to get on the scales...time of truth! Ha did you think I was going to post that here, not a chance! The scales were out in the open for all to see, got to love that....Not!

Along with the workout sessions they are also providing a nutrition plan which gives me a great guide for my daily calorie intake. Also he can monitor how I am doing from a website that I keep up with daily, with what I eat and calories burned. I am so excited to be doing this and I already feel a difference mentally...yay I'm doing this for me!!!

Did I also mention they have a kids club and its unlimited....whooo hooo!
Summertime Fun in the backyard...

Here are some pics from the weekend, man it was HOT!!!

Dave enjoying the shade before setting up the pool for the second time...thanks Thomas!
The boys were so excited to get wet in their new swimming pool. Dave spent a good hour blowing it up and filling it with water. Only to have Thomas come along and throw a handful of soil from my lavender garden into the pool....grrrr! It was actually quite funny to see Dave's response, he turned the hose on Thomas and soaked him from head to toe, I guess he won't do that again! We emptied and cleaned the pool. It took sometime to get that thing filled! But finally the boys could jump in...hurray!!!

Harry was the first in the a fish in water!

The boys had a ball playing outside. There was a beautiful breeze, the back yard is on a ridge that looks out to the Olympics, its so wonderful! Thomas finally got in the pool and just loved splashing!!! We bought him a pool noodle which didn't last long as it became a great bat to hit his brother with...of cause!
We love our backyard it really was one of the big selling points with the house. I imagined us playing out the back in summer when we were going through the buying process and now here we are....I feel totally blessed!

I love these photos, the boys were dancing in their pool singing some little song they made up...too cute!