Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thomas 6yrs, 9mths & 4days

My crazy, fun and excitable Thomas! He is the true essence of what it is to be young and carefree! He lives everyday with passion and optimism, willing to tackle anything with a smile on his face and a cheeky glimmer in his eye!

Some things Thomas loves...
Harry Potter
Music (especially Lady Gaga and Katy Perry)
He wants to be a rockstar!
Playing the drums
Creative writing with Professor Watermelon
Learning Spanish
Peanut butter & Nutella sandwiches with no crusts
Drawing and writing books
His new sketchers
Playing T-ball
His best friend Tomas
Playing racing games on the Xbox
Helping out in the garden
Loves eating chicken & rice, snickerdoodle cookies, nugo bars and yogurt pretzels, frenchtoast
Bath time
Dressing cool and wearing hats
Making faces and peace signs in photos
His Nikko and Eddy Teddy
Snuggles and millions of kisses
Never being serious!!!

He is not a fan of vegetables!
His brother annoying him or jumping out to scare him
Homework, especially math
Being a cow in the school musical
Losing and coming last
Spiders (really any bug)
The dark, sleeps with the light on
Being woken for school!

Oh I love this little boy so much!!

Ahhh so deceptivily peaceful you cheeky fun-loving monkey!

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A day for music and discovery

Day two of Dave's absence and we are doing ok! Missing him like crazy but making the most of a little mom and boys time! Again it was a beautiful spring day and still way to nice to waste on the indoors. After motivating with a quick trip to sips for a six shot coffee, we returned to once again be absorbed into the love of gardening! This time the back yard was tackled, while the boys played and explored in a garden space of their own. Nothing like innocent help to trample the new buds, boys you can help by digging over there!

The boys loved playing on their swing set although Harry will be the first to say he is to old for it and then the first one to play on it. Thomas was so proud for learning how to swing himself today thanks to the guidance of big brother!

Harry was intrigued by the ladybug we found on a magnolia bud, it crawled on his hand for a fleeting second before taking off for safety, as did Thomas with the mere mention of bug, ack he is still so scared of any and all bugs, no matter how un-scary they really are.
A few hours in the garden had passed and boy did my legs feel it, gardening is quite the workout!! The boys had played in and out all afternoon, but when they disappeared for a while I became curious and was relived to rest for a bit. To my surprise I found Thomas inside playing the keyboard and writing his own music. He had dug out the key board, put new batteries in and was writing notes and words while he played...gorgeous happy boy!

He was writing a song about his brother called...thank you! What a sweet little guy, there is hope for these two yet!

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Planes, Pallets & Plants!

I don't think there is anything more motivating than sunshine and blue skies to get you out and about! There is no way you would ever waste a day like today on indoors activities or chores, the sun is out and so are we!

Actually another delightful motivator in our day was this gorgeous little note Thomas so subtly posted on the fridge....

After a quick talk about some of the things the boys wanted to do (mainly indoors and relating to movie watching) I made the executive decision to have lunch overlooking the local airport, watching the planes taking off, it was great!

The boys talked so much about where the planes were going and who was on board, although Thomas pretty much decided all planes were carrying rockstars heading for Italy...lol! Oh Thomas!

After lunch we enjoyed a wonderful walk through the garden department at Lowes, I needed new pruners and some inspiration to start the veggie beds. The boys both picked out some seeds and we talked about what our favorite fruit and veggies are that we should grow. Thomas would like to grow bananas while Harry would like to grow rice!?!? We then talked about food that we can actually grow in the Pacific Northwest and how neither of those would grow here very well. The boys suggest we move to Asia...lol! So instead of moving they both picked out a suitable seed for here, Harry chose watermelon while Thomas was keen to try sunflowers. Love it!

While we were there I picked up some pallets! Yes I finally have my pallets!!! Although I felt like a busted criminal when I was caught loading them in the back of the car, nothing a quick phone call to his supervisor couldn't fix, few thanks Bob for giving me the go ahead in the garden area and yes of cause I would ask first!

Back at home the boys and I got stuck into some serious gardening. While Thomas thought it would be more fun to make confetti from the dried hydrangea heads rather than tip them in the yard-waste bin and Harry was set on raking the front lawn with a hand fork, we actually managed to achieve a lot!

Tomorrow, fingers crossed the sun will return for another productive day in the sunshine!!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

T-ball...let the wild rumpus begin!

Thomas started his second season of T-ball today and is on coach Peery's team...woot! It's going to be a great season with his friend Derick and my friend Jill!!!

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sundays are for chillin'

What better way to spend a gloomy gray rainy day than with your brother playing video games! I love these sweet boys, this picture captured today's morning perfectly, lots of giggles and moments shared over Harry Potter games. That was until I took this pic and jinxed the peace...now let the rough-housing of two little boys begin!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's a good day for doughnuts!

The weather here lately has been crazy! Not just your typical drizzle and gray skies, but snowing big fluffy flakes one min, sun shining the next! Then comes the hail, wild wind storms and rain that's not only showering from the skies but dumping like buckets, so bad I could not even see the cars on the road in front of me, scary stuff.

This week has been particularly interesting with Dave away at a conference down in LA...its been just me and the boys! (and lots of crazy weather!) Just to throw another eeek into our week, it was also the first week of day-light savings. Oh yay, waking up an hour earlier and commuting with the boys at 8am, and you wonder why I stocked up on wine this week!!

All in all the boys and I had a wonderful week together, they were long days but gosh we had fun! Lots of moments enjoyed together, snuggles had and giggles shared! Thomas had some evaluations done this week for speech therapy, which we were a little early for. So what better way to spend an hour out of the rain than enjoying some yummy doughnuts with sprinkles...mmmm!

I Love my little guys and its moments like these that are priceless!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Agh the neglect!!

I know it's 2012 and has been for 3 months...gosh I'm slack, where are the posts? I hear you say! Time for some serious catch up. This week while Dave is away on a busy trip, I'll endeavor to update the Rule Family Blog with our fave moments and pics from the many adventures over the last few months.

For now here are some crazy moments from the boys this weekend....

Thomas "Mum if the babysitter tells me to go to bed can I play?"
Me "No, you need to go straight to bed!"
Thomas "Oh ok, well I better get back downstairs and look after my babysitter!"

While playing XBox racing.....
Thomas "Slow down daddy, stop!"
Dave "OK, I've stopped but this is not how you play the game"
Thomas "But you have to stop so I can be faster than you"
Dave "Well hurry up then and catch up to me"
Thomas, as he goes wooshing by Dave's stopped car "Haha sucker, you're a slow poke!"

Harry "Mum I have a problem"
Me "what is it darling?"
Harry "How do I choose which girl to marry? I have three who really like me, can't I just marry them all?"
Me "No, its the law that you can only be married to one person at a time"
Harry "well I don't want to go to jail so can it be a secret?"
.....Oh wow, the conversation I never thought I'd be having with my 9yr old