Sunday, February 8, 2009

Leavenworth.....Snow CHRISTMAS and so Bavarian!

A mini family getaway is always a good thing! Especially when you have had sick kids and weeks of being house bound.
Lets get out of here! Pack the bags, dig out the snow gear and we're off on a Rule Family road trip to the quaint alpine village of Leavenworth.

Located 3hrs drive from Seattle, up high in the Cascade Mts. Is a gorgeous little town where it feels like its Christmas all year, liederhoussen are preferred and the sound of Oom Papa music is heard everywhere you go! Dave was thrilled to have some "Swine hocks" and some yummy Germain Beer.

Sure its a little on the kitch side and a total tourist trap, but gosh its fun! You could really convince yourself that you are somewhere high in the Alps or even better, that its still Christmas!

We stayed right in town at our timeshare. The whole place was covered in snow which made for great tobogganing!

It was a wonderful relaxing time with no agenda. Just to play in the snow, sleep in, read and play with the kids...ahh! Can't wait to do this again!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lights Camera Action.....
Harry's Spotlight week at school!

This took place a few weeks ago and now that I am typing about it, I may have already posted a blog, but here are some photos of the special week.
Each week, Teacher Wilson chooses a student to focus on. This is a great opportunity for the class to really get to know the focus kid, ask questions, share stories, be the class helper for the week...Not to mention feel very special!

It came at the most perfect timing, we had just returned to the states from our Aussie trip...
Here are some pics from the day:

Here is Harry introducing me to the class and answering questions the kids had about our family. I think he really liked standing up the front, having the power to chose what child got to ask a question next, pointing to them saying its your turn, or saying to another they had to wait...ha! I was his show and tell for the day, he introduced me to the class as his mommy "isn't she beautiful" Oh Harry you are a total charmer...very sweet! I talked to the kids about Australia, showed them some pictures and read "Possum Magic" it was so much fun and for a moment I really missed teaching...but that moment passed! 24 kids, I don't know how teacher Wilson does it?

The yummy cupcakes Harry and I made for his class as a special treat...

I'm so proud of my big school boy, he is adapting to school so well and is growing in leaps and bounds....keep it up Harry!
Harry's Art Gallery.....

When Thursday comes around, I prepare myself for the weeks worth of school work, drawings and craft that so proudly comes home.
Harry is always so excited to rip open his bag and scatter his work from wall to wall, screaming "mommy, look at this one I did!" "Look mommy I got a star for this one!" The joy and pride is beautiful and he has a real sense of accomplishment from his art works.

What do you do with so many special pieces of work? There is so much time and effort and pride in each one! I can't bare to throw them away,
so Harry helped me come up with a solution...

That weeks work would be posted on to "Harry's Art Gallery" wall, just for his art!
After a week, we will then place them in envelopes and send them off to the grandparents, who better to appreciate it! (OK, any Grandparents reading this, I have yet to send them, they are getting quite full so I will be sending them soon)
Hope you enjoy your original, one of a kind art works!
February...the month of Lock Down!
When illness keeps you house bound.
I could have posted a photo of a sick snotty kid, but felt this one was way cuter!

Poor little Thomas has been sick with a persistent cold that will just not go away! He is now on antibiotics and is starting to feel and look a little better. Its been just on 2 weeks since he went to school last and has missed the last of his winter swimming lessons.

Being house bound with a sick bub has been difficult and quite isolating. The sun has been shinning and the park has been calling. We have really missed our friends lately and look forward to getting back out again.

Needless to say I have tried to make the most of my "quarantine" time, spending most days out in the garden while Thomas is asleep, enjoying the sunshine!

I am just glad to see my little man on the mend!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Here are the photo's mom!