Monday, June 30, 2008

What a weekend!

Its hard to do nothing on a weekend like the one we just had. The weather was absolutely beautiful....sunny & Hot!

The weekend started with a fun girls night out with my friends on Friday night (but I will save that for another post, if I'm allowed to talk about!) After a late night home all I wanted was to sleep in. But waking up at 7:30am with the sun out and the boys in great moods, that was not to be. So we got up, excited to get on with the day.

We organized to met up with our good friends KC, Karen and their daughter Michelle at Red Robin in Bellevue for lunch. It was so good to see them, it had been ages! After our yummy lunch of burgers and salad...oh and bottomless steak fries, yummo! We headed off to the movies to see Disney/Pixars latest kids flick...Wall-e, the boys were so excited, so was the big boy =) The kids loved it and will definitely add this to our DVD collection when it comes out. It was also really nice being in the cool AC, it was 90 degrees outside, quite a shock for us Seattlites.

So what do you do on a hot, hot day....go to the beach! The Deitricks live in a wonderful little part of Seattle called Baux Arts Village, located on the water in Bellevue, with its own community beach....whoo hoo! Of to the beach, well the guys and kids anyway. Thomas had fallen asleep so Karen and I headed back to their house. While Thomas slept Karen and I got to catch up while sitting in the shade of their beautiful huge trees, it was so peaceful. (until T woke up anyway!)

After a few hours Dave, KC and the kids arrived back from the beach. Harry was sporting a new war wound. He had cut his foot....agh! He had done a good job on it and my mommy instinct was telling me to take him to the Dr's. Kids in the car and our goodbyes said, off we went to the urgent care in Issaquah. Harry was a trooper, actually he didn't even seem bothered by his foot. I'm sure if it were me I would have been passed out by now! 2hrs later and all was good, he did not require stitches, they just bound it with a very impressive bright blue bandage, he was quite excited by that.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Sun is here and it may stick around....Whoo Hoo!
So I may not be blogging to much over these next few days, too much to do!
But I will have lots to update you all on.
Here are some of the happenings over the last few days and things we will be up to this weekend.....
Point D Zoo with RMG
Play date's galore!
Lunch and Movie's Wall-E
Huge girls night out....there will be some stories there (that I won't be allowed to!)
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Were going on a bear hunt....

OK so maybe not a bear hunt, lets call it a pine cone hunt!

Today we had a fun adventure with our friends exploring beautiful Kubota Gardens in Seattle. It was the most perfect day for an exploration, sunny & Hot! plus the boys were in a really good mood (which always helps make for a good day)

We met up with our friends, it was a great turn out there must have been at least 30 of us. Christina brought brown paper bags for the kids to collect pine cones and other things they found as they explored. Harry had a wonderful collection of pine cones and Thomas collected gravel from the! For the next few hours we ventured off around the Gardens, kids pretty much led the way, down some secret paths that were more like tunnels from all the tree branches, we saw waterfalls and crossed over bridges. We even came across a tree the kids all had to climb. They had a ball!

Thomas starting getting a little grumpy towards the end so we decided to call it a day. The boys were asleep by the time we got home....yay for nap time!

We love these gardens and can not wait to visit there again...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good Morning Mama I have a surprise for you!

Why is it, the first thoughts that come to a mama's mind are, uh oh what have you done? Is that a typical mom response to have? Distrust in their!

My thoughts raced. Had he tried to make breakfast? Only to find a gallon of milk on the ground and one dozen eggs in a bowl with a pack of brown sugar? (Don't laugh, that has happened!)

No that could not have happened again, but man did that thought get me out of bed!

Walking down the stairs Harry stopped me and said "mommy close your eyes" He led me to the family room (I was getting more and more anxious by the minute) OK mama, open your eyes!
It was even more shocking than I thought!
He had......WOW!!!
.......OH my Goodness!!!

Cleaned the entire family room, all by himself, without being asked, no rewards are lingering, nothing had even been suggested to him... He took it upon himself to clean all his toys off of the ground and placed the cushions on the sofa. "Mama, do you like this surprise?"

I don't think I have ever danced around the house with Harry like that before. This almost brought me to tears! What a precious little guy I have....I am so proud.
Thanks Harry for making mommies day so wonderful to wake up too!
Pet Rocks....ROCK!

The boys and I had such a fun day today creating our very own Pet Rocks! Our friend Sarah had a fun play date at her place with her boys, Noah and Desi and a load of other friends....
Harry was so excited to make a pet! He has talked of nothing else for 3 days now and today is finally the day....Yay! We arrived at Sarah's, Thomas runs straight for the playhouse and cars, while Harry was checking out the rocks. I think he was a little confused "How do I turn a rock into a pet mom?" So he selected a rock and got to work decorating....well 5Min's he was done! "I want to go play!" OK so it didn't last long, but he made a cute rock that is now welcoming people in a pot at the front door.

It was a wonderful, relaxing play date at Sarah's, with lots of good friends in a fun environment for the kids. It was nice to sit back and chat while the kids where off playing...Thanks Sarah!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Love this photo and just had to share it!
Thomas your Such a cutie and check out the pose....I want to be a super model!

Best Buds....most of the time!

"Harry! Where are you?"

"Mama, where's Harry?"
"Wake up Thomas, come and play!"

"Come on, come on Harry!"

These are words that get yelled around the house every day! The boys really are becoming great little buds that hate being apart. Harry went out with Dave the other day, Thomas was so upset..."where's my Harry?" They just love each others company and are really starting to play games together and work together to get things done. They love playing outside on the play set together or playing out in the dirt, pulling each other around in the wagon or having a splash in the bath together when all the outside dirty fun is over for the day.

Oh I wish it could be this way forever, but they are brothers and heads do butt!
When I grow up.......

I want to be a designer! I received my diploma last year in Interior Decorating & Design. I am about to start a re-design and home staging course and can't wait! I just need to decide what school I want to do it through. I spent this morning reviewing my choices and I think I have narrowed it down to 3 favorites. Indecisive me just needs make the decision.
Earlier this year I worked my first home staging job, that was not a friend...yay a real job!
I loved it, it is totally what I want to do. Home staging is not a huge thing back in Aus but here in the states it's a popular way to help sell your home and give it the edge it needs in this crazy real estate market.

A quick blurb on what it is I do...

I go in to someones home (usually someone who is having trouble selling) and assess their house inside and out on why it is not selling. Going through room by room, documenting what works and doesn't work for a potential sale. I look at the different aspects potential buyers look at that could be a possible sale breaker. Help the seller de-clutter, depersonalise and help show off the properties best features. Re-work the flow of the house for optimum use, this helps gives the appearance of more square footage and overall more value for money. I also take this time to recommend any upgrades and fixes that may be required and then help them implement it all, its a lot of fun! It really is my passion....wish me luck!

Thomas eye's are bigger than his Belly!

Sunday morning by 9:30am you will always catch us heading out the door for our weekly ritual....Breakfast at IHOP!

On the way to Issaquah we always stop off at Starbucks for a triple shot Grande Mocha with no whip, yummo (IHOP's coffee is horrible...yeah, I'm a coffee snob)

The staff at IHOP know us now, we walk in and they greet us like friends, its a real family feeling place. We get shown to a booth and look over the menu only to then order the same thing every time. First up is the drink order, chocolate milks for the boys and OJ for Dave (or a diet coke if he needs the caffine, he hates coffee) we also order Thomas breakfast....A tall stack of Pancakes!!! What? Yep! A tall stack, that is 5 huge pancakes. If its a new waitress they always question us and suggest the kids menu or the small stack. We just laugh and say you'll see.

Dave usually orders the chicken fajita omelet with holindaise sauce, Harry gets the French Toast with a side of bacon or sausage. I usually get the eggs Benedict, they don't come close to Dave's but I am a sucker for hollindaise.

Trumpets should blare, the pancakes arrive and the kids think its Christmas!

Thomas was fascinated by the maple syrup dribbling over the side, what a huge stack of pancakes for a little guy.....

Why use a fork? when you get so much more in your mouth with your hands.....

We can not wait till next Sunday. Sure its only IHOP but we love our little family tradition!

Somethings I LOVE......

I Love waking up with......
Harry popping his head in the bedroom door "Good morning mama, I love you!" Every morning, seriously could he be any sweeter?
I Love starting the day with.....
A good cup of coffee and enjoying everything about it. Its my 5min of me time everyday! Its amazing how it blocks out the sounds of the boys and the messes in the house!

I Love coming down stairs......
in the morning to a clean kitchen and family room, feels like I am already ahead for the day!
I Love seeing....
the sun in the morning! means one thing, Outside day!!! There is a chance the house may stay clean today boys....whoo hoo!

I Love falling asleep to.....
the sound of rain. A very familiar sound here in Seattle!
I Love a surprise.....
Call from a friend where we talk forever!

Of Cause I Love.....
My Family too!!!

Such a happy moment, sorry Thomas we cut you off a bit there!
What I find in my garden.....

It's finally starting to warm up outside, the sun is LAST! (knock on wood)

And that means getting out in to the always changing garden. The boys are finally getting to play on their swing set and I am finally getting down and dirty with the flowers and the weeds!

Here are some of the things the boys and I came across last week in the garden....

And then there is this......Look at that cutie boy, whooo!

Haircut = endless supply of lollipops!

The boys love getting their haircuts...Oh I wonder why? Haircuts do not go very peacefully unless there is a lollipop in the mouth of both Harry and Thomas.

Harry is getting to be pretty good these days and won't wriggle around as much. That is until the electric clippers come out and he giggles hysterically.

Thomas on the other hand hates the whole experience...except the lollipops that is! He chain sucks them, as he is finishing one, he's already reaching for the next!
Its the only thing that gets him to sit still. Never mind the cool firetruck or aeroplane they get to sit in or the individual TV showing a DVD of their choice. None of that is of interest to Thomas when its haircut time.....
thank goodness for lollipops!
The boys always look so grown up after their haircuts. They usually ask for spikie hair just like daddy with hair gel, its very cute when they all look the same.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Pancakes Please!

Waking up to the smell of breakfast being cooked....what's the special occasion?

Dave makes the best Pancakes in the world and I am the lucky recipient...mmmm!

We all got short stacks covered with sticky maple syrup. Before Dave had even cooked mine, Thomas was already waving his plate at Dave saying "More Cancakes Please!" he is a pancake hoover! blink and they are gone. It was so special sitting down together as a family for breakfast, its been a while since we have done that at home, thanks for a yummy family breakfast daddy!
Only if Nikko wants to do it!

Today was all about Harry's Panda Bear - Nikko. Nothing would get done unless Nikko agreed too. It was cute at first, Harry would ask Nikko if he wanted to eat breakfast and would translate it into Panda speak.
What do you do when a panda won't eat breakfast?
How do you reason with a stuffed! Needless to say, they did get hungry soon enough, so both Harry and Nikko sat down to their bowls of oatmeal.
The entire day went on this way. That was until Nikko had an accident in the garden and fell out of the tree and landed right in the dirt....Bath time for Panda and the whole bathroom and for Harry, everything that could get wet...Did get VERY wet!
I love the imagination of a 5yr old, especially when Panda cleans up his own mess without being asked....way to go Nikko & Harry!

Sweet SWEET Baby Thomas..... Smile giggle Laugh

And then there is this.........

Tom Tom really is our cutie boy! He could be painting the house with peanut Butter, all he has to do is smile that cheeky smile.... He's got it figured out!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Lets get on the Bus.....

Harry had such a love/hate thing going on with catching the school bus. You couldn't get him on it and then you wouldn't see a happier kid once he got on. High fiving the bus driver and his friends the twins from down the rd. It helps that the bus drivers are the sweetest, always happy to see him and would stop right out the front of our house. Ok so it was the short bus, but he sat up the back (that makes it cool, right?) The short bus comes with seat belts which I thought was great for a school bus for preschoolers.

His afternoon bus driver was hilarious, the friendliest grandma like figure, always had time to stop and chat for a bit. On the last day Harry gave her a big hug, he really liked Gayle. She would show him how all the lights and buttons worked on the bus, even let him beep the horn once, made his day!

Bus stop traditions:
While waiting for the bus before school, Harry would always hide behind me, I think trying to trick the bus driver into not stopping or something?
He would always sit up the back in the same seat on the right, so he could wave good bye!
When getting off the bus he would launch himself from the top step and fly into my arms.
As the bus would pull away Harry would have to watch it go the length of the street until it was out of sight.

On the last day, Gayle beeped the horn all the way up the street and flashed the lights to say goodbye, she knows he always watched it leave, to sweetWe will miss our bus drivers but fingers crossed we will see them again for Thomas.
A little bit about our neck of the woods....RENTON

For those of you who have not even heard of the city of Renton. Here are some facts about this wonderful place to live:
Population: 15,360 covering over 17 sq miles
Located: 10 miles (16min drive) from downtown Seattle on the southern end of Lake Washington.

It has..... over 25 parks, the home of Boeing's 737 plant, home of the Seattle Seahawks training center, home to the only IKEA in the North west, a wonderful old downtown full of antiques and 100 year old buildings, is famous for its rubber duckie race and Renton River Days, has its own water park, not to mention the best moms group around =)
Famous people: Jimmy Hendrix grew up here and is now buried just up the street. Garry Ridgeway (aka, green river killer) one of US's worst serial killers.

Our Favorite Renton places:
Eating Out - La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant, Armando's Italian Restaurant and for a date night, The fin & Bone Restaurant all located in old Downtown RentonPlaying - Gene Coulon Beach Park, 52 acre park on Lake Washington
Pub - The pickled Onion, great for Karaoke, darts and good cocktails
Shopping - we frequent Fred Meyer every week but can not wait for the landing to open
Coffee - Anywhere you go you will find a drive through coffee house, my fav is good old Starbucks!

Some of the more unusual sights you may see....
A plane train, this is a train carrying up to 5, 737' fuselages on it's flatbed carriages.
A library built over a river, serious! The whole building is built on one huge bridge.
The salmon fighting their way up stream by the thousands (library is a great viewing spot for this)
A freight train going right down main street Renton between shops and restaurants
Statues of people at Gene Coulon Park that mysteriously get dressed for every holiday season!
Please let me know if know of anymore =)

Renton is a fun place to live, very diverse with race and affluence. A great place to raise a family, a very down to earth and friendly community!

I am........I am: sometimes serious but never mature
I think: about my Grandma all the time
I know: I'm a procrastinator
I want: to be the best wife and mom I can be
I have: the most amazing life
I wish: for my boys to grow up happy and confident
I hate: unnecessary drama
I miss: my family and friends in Aus and my dog Connor
I fear: losing someone close to me
I feel: best after a goodnight sleep
I hear: my boys playing outside
I smell: flowers every chance I get
I crave: simple things
I search: for matching socs all the time
I wonder: what my boys will be when they grow up
I regret: not being better at keeping up relationships
I love: My family, friends and the sound of rain
I ache: thinking about loss
I care: about peoples feelings
I always: have a triple shot coffee in the morning
I am not: very good at doing laundry
I believe: in karma
I sing: my heart out when no one is around, no matter how bad its sounds
I dance: silly made up dances with my boys
I cry: at happy and sad things
I don't always: cook...thanks Dave =)
I fight: tempting thoughts all the time....mmm chocolate!
I write: everyday in my blog
I never: go to bed with out kissing all 3 of my boys
I hope: to make a difference
I listen: to Harry's wonderful stories at bedtime
I need: a date with my husband (no kids...hehehe!)
I am happy: with my life
Good Bye Preschool..... Big School here I come!

Harry had a wonderful 2yrs at Hillcrest Early Childhood Center, he is so sad to be leaving it. He is taking with him so many special memories and good friends, 4 of his friends will be in his class next year...whoo hoo!
Hillcrest put on a small graduation day for the end of school. The parents were invited to come and see their children perform. Harry's class was up first, they danced as little stars to a tape of piano music, very sweet! Am I allowed to say funny? Kids running everywhere and some just doing nothing at all, it had me laughing. Harry had a huge smile on his face the entire time, you could tell he was having fun and enjoying every moment of it!
We were then invited back to his classroom for afternoon tea and a slide presentation. Harry had photo's taken with his teachers and handed out his gifts. The teachers presented the leaving kids with a scrapbook of their time at school. The last 2yrs documented in a book, just beautiful! Lots of hugs and lots of tears!

Some of Harry's preschool memories.....

"My favorite is Teacher Becky, I love her! Teacher Becky gives me Star Wars stickers if I catch the bus and is funny when she sings slippery fish." Becky was his main teacher for the whole 2yrs.

"Owen, Liani, Mahea, Micheal is my friend, but Chase is naughty I don't like him."

"Teacher Claire played games with me and gave me super powers!" Claire is the Speech/language therapist who had a special place in Harry's heart.

"Teacher Nikki made me stand on one foot and I always fell over. But I really liked throwing the ball in the hoop with her." Nikki is the OT specialist, who he also called Emily?

All these teachers and friends played such an amazing part in his preschool experience. Harry was very lucky to have such a wonderful team working with him every week, we will be forever grateful! They made such an impact in his life not to mention his learning.