Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bbrroooooom! Bbrrooooooom!

Dave finally took possession of his Mustang this weekend! So it had to be celebrated with a family drive...the boys had a blast, but thought it was a little loud! Still you could not keep the smiles of all 3 boys faces....boys and their cars!

The Greatest Show on Earth....
Family trip to the Circus!

While driving around the other day we noticed a special looking train stopped in a siding. The Circus train...whoo hooo! The Circus is in town, I don't think the boys have ever been! So that night I went home and booked tickets.

The next day over our Sunday morn breakfast at IHOP we told the boys that we are going to the circus tomorrow! We then had to explain what we would see as Thomas didn't really know what the circus is, but Harry was so excited! We even got a "Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" that's when you know he is truly excited.

We arrived an hour and a half early to the Circus, we wanted to make the most of "meeting the animals" and the "Clown School" which was included in the whole experience.

I had never been so close to Elephants before, especially Elephants that only had a small piece of string as a fence...a little nerve raking! We also got to see the tigers (thank goodness they were behind more than a string fence and in nice strong cages) there were also Zebra's, ponies and dancing dogs. The kids loved meeting the animals.

Then it was time to go in, Clown School here we come! I was a little hesitant to say the least, I have quite the clown phobia but these clowns were great! more like hobo's and not so much the typical clown looking clowns, ie scary clowns. Harry had an absolute ball watching the clown act, I thought he would explode with laughter at one point. We got to see Elephants paint with their trunks and poodles dance. The dog act wanted some crowd participation and Thomas was selected, this was truly the highlight of the show, watching Thomas play dog trainer with the hoop for them to jump through....see video! Priceless!!!

We then took our seats and the lights went dim, bang bang with some fireworks and the show was all go! See the pics.....

All in all we had a good time, the kids however where over it faster than we thought so we really had to keep them interested in what was happening. I think my fav's were the dare devil acts, like being shot from a canon and the gravity hoops. The 10+ elephants all sitting in a row and 12x tigers jumping through hoops were amazing too!

They had quite a few old school circus magic acts, like cutting a person in half, shooting someone from a canon, making an elephant vanish in thin air, turning a clown into a tiger and a few other magic tricks...My favorite Harry quote of the day "Wow! Magic really is real!" Don't you love seeing the Circus with kids!

This was quite unlike any Circus I had been too before, sure beats The Wringling Bros Circus back home.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My name is Julia and I'm a Blog-a-holic!!!

How many is too many? 13 maybe that is too many...lol! OK so I probably will cut some of them out, but I keep finding new things I want to blog about and therefore new blogs I want to create!

Am I having creative overload? Or is it that I like the control of starting something new and not having my kids get into it? It's safe here in my laptop....lol! Not like some of my other hobbies...ie, painting my house (can we say crayon's) or my love of house magazines (the boys thought they were much better used cut up for transformer game/cave)....grrr!

Anyway, if you are interested in checking out any of my other blogs just click on my profile and I am pretty sure it will give you the list there. This one will still be the main family blog, with all our daily happenings and there are a few blogs that are invite only, due to sensitive topics.

I love blogging and a LOVE for writing, it really has become the way I love to end my day!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Its Official...We have a first grader!!!

I can remember the nerve's of going back to school after summer break! A new class, a new teacher, will your friends be in your class? What is first grade like? is it different to Kindergarten? so many unknown's to figure out. I had the adrenalin pumping through me today too.

7:20am - Time to wake up, first day of school! First day of school! Sorry totally have Nemo in my head! Summer break is over!

Harry is signed up to ride the bus, but as I suspected he really wanted me to take him today (which by the way I was going to anyway!) He is becoming so independent, wanting to do things on his own, not needing his mom around so much. Am I nearly out of a job?

While this morning was all about Harry, getting him off to school with as little stress as possible, making the transition smooth and achievable, it was hard not to feel emotions and think about my roll as him mom. My job description is changing, he really can do so much on his own now!
"Mom, I'm such a big boy now, aren't I ?" he said as he walked out the front door with his new big boy school bag and his confident first grade smile!
Fighting back the tears, I said "Yes, you are, one amazing big boy!" In the back of my head, I had the thoughts of, what if this is it, he doesn't want the hugs anymore or to hold my hand? He is a big boy after all, heading off to first grade....

We arrived at school to see a million cars, people, buses and general unorganized craziness! Completely overwhelming! But he took it all in stride and just kept calm and told me how excited he was to be back at school! We found a park just outside the school grounds on the street, so we had a ways to walk to his classroom.
We got out of the car and started walking...the next thing I know, he was holding my hand! Gosh that was the best mommy feeling. I held a little tighter today, treasuring the moment!

We got to his new classroom, so many people buzzing around the entrance to his room that he showed a little sign of hesitation, he was a little unsure of what to do. He didn't say anything, no hugs, no waves, just a big step through the door and off he goes!

I watched him find his seat, a little teary eyed as he is so independent. He's so happy to be with his friends again. And already getting on with what he needs to be doing. I was about to head off too, but just had to watch a moment more, I so badly wanted a hug, but I guess that is not the big thing to do. Thank god he looked back and gave me a wonderful smile, it said so many things...but mostly I felt the I love you mom!

Harry have a wonderful year in first grade, discovering and being confident with who you are!