Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Harry is officially a cub scout!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The flight of the Space Rocket
By Harrison Rule

Once upon a time there was a really cool space rocket, it was blue and white and would fly really fast into outer space. It had hyperspace controls so it was really really fast!
It needed to get away from the planet it was on as it was going to be blown up by the evil monster Blah. He was going to blow it up with its laser blasters that would blow it all up really really fast and no one would survive and there would be no planet left, not even a little bit only a black hole.
So the Space Rocket took off and flew into outer space really, really fast. Few that was close because the planet Blump was blown up and everything was on fire and hot and then it was gone.
Now the Space Rocket and all the people on board where happy they didn't get blown up and they were still alive and they had a party. They went and found a new planet that was blue and looked really cool so they landed and lived there.

The end