Monday, February 28, 2011

Space rockets....

I don't know if I should refer to Harry as an artist or as an engineer? His drawings, designs, drafts what ever they should be called are just amazing. Getting more and more detailed all the time.

This one he spent hours drawing. He was so focused and intent on finishing it. He tried his best at spelling the words and labeling all the parts himself. My little engineer was so proud of his work! I'll get him to write a story about it with me later this week. Stay tuned....

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's okay, we have a shovel!

What a snowy adventure today turned out to be! We thought we would find some snow to go sledding. We had no idea the snow would find us instead! On the way to the pass for some snow play, we were dumped on. There was even a snowplow out and a snow chain advisory. And did we have snow chains? That would be a no! But don't worry honey, said Dave "we have a shovel!" lol!
We ended up having a beautiful snowy drive, a play in the snow with our sleds and no need for the shovel. It was a great day!!
Pics to come....

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Northwest garden & flower show....

Its like going to Disneyland! Ahhh, makes me giddy just thinking about all the joy it brings.
So my garden buddies and I bundled up and headed into town for the day...
I couldn't believe today was the big day...Finally! After months of counting down and dreaming about my own garden, it was now time for the first glimpse of Spring. This show is always the first sign that garden season is fast approaching for the year...woo hoo! I could not wait to see what was install for us!

It did not disappoint, the displays were breathtaking and beyond inspiring. There was such a variety of plants and so many different ways to group them. So much creativity and talent. Not to mention so much garden love going on. My favorite garden was totally drool worthy and it was all I could do to not snap a thousand photos. These pics really don't do it justice...

What a gorgeous fresh and whimsical country garden! So much happiness in such a small plot. I could have just sat there for hours and soaked it all in, but thankfully I have pics so I can try and implement some of this happiness into my own yard...Loved it!

I was also there to get ideas for hard-scapes as I am dying to put in a path down the east side of the property (ie, side that gets absolutely no sun and is wonderful at growing moss!) Its screaming for a flagstone path like this....
I am in love with the large flagstone surrounded by moss and mulch, it is just so earthy and natural, the curves of the path adds a whimsy and playfulness to where the path is going. The moss provides a softness to the hard edge of the stone and adds again another playful element, a plant you walk mischievous!

 Here is some more visual yumminess....
Some of my new loves from the show are the beautiful little ground covers and the amazing array of succulents. In particular the living wall below by Ravena Gardens, beautiful display! Another fave is the use of moss. The varieties, the colors, the many different ways of grouping it with plants and hard-scape. I am sold and will be using more moss "on purpose" in my garden planning this year.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Its kind of a big deal....

Today "Polka Dot Galoshes" my gardening blog, was rated number one favored blog on Blotanical! Its quite exciting to think that not only are others reading my blog, but are enjoying it too! I am really enjoying being part of this community, its teaching me a lot about writing, blogging and not to mention gardening!! I believe there are over 3000 blogs from around the world that have been selected to be listed here, so its a huge honor to be selected by fellow bloggers...Thank you fellow Blotanicalists!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our first Snowman!

After the dump of snow we had last night, not making a snowman was not an option! What perfect snow, powdery and sticky, fresh and perfect! The boys and I had such a blast, rolling snowballs to make his body, finding things to decorate him, until finally he came to life!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sneaking out to play in the Snow!

The kids were in bed and the snow was falling! What else were we to do than sneak out for a snow ball fight. I love my man and am so grateful that we can still have fun together...
 We turned Dave's car into lightning McQueen! I think it looks more like a monkey.
 I wrote "I heart DR" in the middle of our intersection for everyone to see!
We made snow angels on our driveway, the snow was so perfect and untouched, we couldn't wait to get in it and mess it much fun for the big kids! We have 5in on the ground and its still snowing. Can't wait to wake in the morning to see what fell over night. Let the sledding and snowman building begin!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Latest Lego creation...

It's a duck!

While two of Harrys best buds were on the road south to Lego world in California, we decided to have our own Lego fun in Renton WA.
Today's Lego something that flies! I was so expecting a plane or a spaceship, maybe even a rocket. But a duck? That completely threw me for a loop!

The ducks name was Chomper, due to the fact that it like to chomp on memory chips and other computer stuff. You see this duck was a Cyborg half duck half robot. It could transform into a rocket and shoot into space. It also laid robot eggs that hatched cyborg ducklings.

Thomas was the keeper of the ducklings, while Harry looked after the adult and trained it for top secret missions.
Lots of fun Lego play was had today. Well it's just started snowing so it looks like more Lego to come this week. What will they build next?

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snow, sledding and igloos!

Today was another beautiful sunny winter day in the pacific Northwest. What better way to spend it than up at the pass playing in the snow!
We bundled the kids up, no chance for complaining today, we are playing in the snow if you like it or not! Mommy and daddy want to play, so you're coming along!
Our favorite little "off the beaten track" place to sled, was somewhat lacking in snow today so we had to head up to the summit to play at the snow park. The place where you pay $20 to park your car and play in the snow on the side of the road, extortion! Anyway it was totally worth it, what a priceless day in the snow!
We ended up meeting a good friend and his two kiddos up there. Plenty of sledding and snow angles were to be had...

The two love bugs making snow angels together, while Thomas goes for a "daddy powered" sled ride.

After an hour of all this fun play. Harry (and his creative mind) decided that he wanted to build an igloo!
Not bad for a one hour build...

He wanted to make it taller than him! Well I say mission accomplished there!

He also wanted to build it so its roomy enough for him and his girl...check!

He sure is quite the builder, I'd say hands down the best cubby house he's ever built!
Ok so he might of had help! Actually it was quite the community project...

After a few hours of playing in the snow and the awesome igloo, it was time to say goodbye! Harry pulled miss E and Thomas back to the car on the sled, what a wonderful day!!

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

One hundred days of kindy!

Thomas has now officially been a kindergartner for 100 school days! He even made some pretty cool looking glasses to celebrate the occasion....

During this time, Thomas has done a great job with his school work, his reading and writing always amaze me. He has become a good listener in class and is always helpful and courteous towards others. School has been amazing for him, he is developing into a sweet, smart and confident little guy. Who does not stop having growth spurts...agh! Size 7 clothing, size 1shoe, truly growing up way to fast...literally!
Great job on the first one hundred days Thomas, here's to another hundred equally as amazing and fun school days to come!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Hooked on crocheting!

I've always loved the intricacy of crochet. Granny blankets, crocheted flowers, facecloths, really anything, just love it all! So why not try and make it myself? A few christmas' ago, Santa even bought me a skein of yarn and a crotchet hook. Up until last week, they were still untouched in their packaging. So really its about time I got it out to give it a go and what better time than the new year, time to tick something else off of my list of accomplishments.

A few YouTube videos and an "i can do this" attitude and I am now crocheting! I don't know what it is that ive made, maybe a scarf for Nikko? And please don't look to closely at the "character" in most of the stitches, but yes I am doing it!! This old dog can learn new tricks! Next on the list is a blanket for Thomas' baby koala "Bobala". who knows maybe I'll be making those pretty little granny squares sooner than I think? Actually speaking of grannies, Harry was watching me crotchet today and he asked me if I was now a grandma? I asked him why and he said because this is what old ladies do...Hahaha!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's a Blotanicalst?

Someone who writes a garden blog and has been accepted to have it listed with a wonderful blogging community. Check it out....

As you probably know, I love to blog! Well I love to garden all the more, although I must say I'm not very good, I think I kill more things than grow. But I love it all the same! This love of both gardening and blogging led me to start a gardening blog last year, called Polka Dot Galoshes. More a personal journal for me, to keep track of my garden, take note of the things that work and don't work, keep track of the many needs, jot down the many beautiful moments in my happy place!

I am very excited to have found Blotanical! I now have a place I can share blogging stories, read others inspirational blogs, learn more about gardening and blogging at the same time, while meeting other gardeners from the Northwest and around the world.
I've already connected with a few Aussies now living in WA who love gardening and blogging. Spoken with a wonderful gardener from Italy and have heard all about her gorgeous Tuscan villa (jealous, hell yeah!)

On being listed you get your own mentor, a "blotanical guru" someone who will help you step by step, meet other bloggers, enhance your own work, tips and tricks with both gardening and blogging. And as an added bonus, she lives here in the Northwest.
The warmth and friendliness has been overwhelming, with bloggers from all over the world welcoming me to the site. Two days and I already feel so at home there.
I love this new community I am lucky to be part of, the best of both worlds coming together!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just hanging out!

My boys love just hanging out, playing make believe, video games, drawing etc....
They just love being together!

The boys being cupids on valentines day....

Just hanging out....

This week Thomas has had a huge growth spurt. He is looking older, talking more and just generally growing up. He is eating so well at the moment, lots of healthy fruits and veg, proteins, carbs, his diet has been great! Thomas is so proud of himself for being healthy, infact he tells me he is growing up, today he is! Tom you got to Stop getting so big it's not allowed! You're my baby!
Harry this week is starting to show so much pride in his appearance, I guess he has for a while as he loves picking out his clothes. But this week it's been all about the hair! I love it!! Pick to come tomorrow.

Love LOVE love my boys!!!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reach for the stars....

Stars, planets, rockets are just some of the boys latest interests.
Tonight they spent hours reading books, drawing and watching a special on Nova about the solar-system.
Here are a few of the boys latest art works....

Also thanks Grandad for the book on the space-shuttle, it's really sparked their imaginations with dreams of designing, building and flying a rocket to Venus with you one day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My sweet Valentines....

What is better than hamster valentine chocolates...Definitely the smiles and love that it brings to my babies faces!! They loved their little heart shaped candies and I loved waking to the snuggles and love. Not to mention this...
"Mommy, I don't need valentines day to tell you I love you so much!" - Harry.
I am so in love with my little boys! I am so lucky to be their mommy!

Dave and I shared a yummy box of Godiva last night, while snuggling on the couch watching one of our favorite shows. I love the simple things and the sweet moments like this that we share.

Then he pulled out his laptop and showed me something he posted to a friends facebook wall yesterday.
I guess his friend was having a hard day with his wife and posted this as his status update...
If you want to enjoy this life, you better get rid of that wife!

Here is my gorgeous husbands response...
"says the man never married. This is honest for you Erich. Getting married will give you higher highs and lower lows - and absolutely worth it. It will make you a better man, a father & lover. It will open your eyes to things more important ...than yourself. Without a wife and a family you will only ever be half of the man you could be. So many men fail at marriage because they cannot see & grow beyond themselves.
Life has many more experiences than those that are enjoyable, particularly at the time, but they refine you like a furnace does precious metals.
I hope you find a wife like mine, for they are worth more than all the gold in the world mate. nough said." 
- Dave

I love my husband!
I feel completely and utterly grateful for the loves in my life. From my boys sweet hugs to my husbands unconditional and constant love...I am truly a blessed women!

I LOVE my little family to the ends of the earth!