Friday, March 12, 2010

Harry runs away from home....

My poor little guy was not having a good day, everything was too much so he decided he would run away from home! (he had just watched a movie the day before where the boy does the same thing...oops!)
"Goodbye mommy, I'm running away!" Said in a very dramatic, rather pathetic little way. But still quite sad and was breaking this mommies heart.
"Mommy I'm leaving, I'll miss you!"
"I'm really going!"
Were just some of the things he called out from the front door. He would not leave until I had acknowledged him. How do I reply to this? Do I make a big deal out of it and tell him to stay, only adding to the drama of the attention he wants? or do I ignore his attempts for attention? The last thing I want is to encourage this....Ahh what to do???
So I went to the front door and told him that I would miss him, gave him a kiss and said goodbye!
Off he went with his backpack he had packed with a blanket, Nikko and a snack. Under one arm he carried his red folding tent. Off down the street he went.
I watched from the door without him seeing me and then quickly followed him. I walk down the street past our neighbors house to the common's where he had set up tent (no more than 20steps from our front door) He was getting all settled in, with nikko and his blanket, talking to Nikko, "you will like it here Nikko!" so very cute. I ran back home quickly to grab the camera, what else is a mom to do at that!

Insert video here...will do asap!

He finally came home after 5mins when he decided that bugs probably lived in the lawn under his tent. Funny boy! We had a great talk on the way home. Through the ups and the downs, the fun and stressful, I love ya Harry no matter what!