Monday, September 6, 2010

Snoqualimie Casino

A night out with the girls...

What in the hell is Rock-a-raokee and more importantly, what am I going to wear? I have to say that a night out with the girls is one of those rare occasions I get to just be me! No worries about what the kids or hubby are doing, no thoughts of responsibility, just pure grownup fun!

On with the heels and a sexy little top, even make-up and styled hair. Tonight was going to be great! We danced, we sang, we laughed and escaped! Tonight we were just a group of crazy best friends having a fabulous time! Nights like this are better than any happy pill you can pop.

The Rock-a-raokee was great! People getting up to sing, but instead of singing to a recording like regular kareokee, they sang in front of a live band. Great for anyone with an inner rock star crying out to be released. While none of the girls had a chance to get up and sing, we supported those that did, especially when "Microsoft man" got up and sang Copacabana...priceless!!

Great night with an even greater group of girls....ah the memories!! (most of which will no be posted!)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fly little bird....

Thomas and his first day of Kindy!

What an exciting start to the school year. He could not wait to get to school and was up getting dressed before any of us. With breakfast inhaled it was time to grab his school bag and go.
I had never seen him so full of beans before, with a goofy big grin and his little body jumping around like a crazy child, I just knew he was in for a great day.
The bus arrived and snapped a few pics, how could I get emotional when he was in such a great space. It really was a happy moment. I waved goodbye and then jumped in the car, off to meet him at the other end.

I got to the school just in time to see him get off, what great timing! I was lucky enough to sneak in the back door with the kids and staff and miss the gaggle of parents waiting out the front of the kindy room.
Actually I could not have planned it any better! It was just me, Thomas and his para-educator in the class, the bell had not gone yet so the rest of the class was waiting outside the closed door still. This was great. I got to help Thomas hang up his coat and bag, we got to explore the room a little, get some pics of him at his desk...OK see now it was setting in, my whole "baby is growing up" thing and the tears were starting to flow. He looked so grown up and ready to take on the world sitting at his desk. With another hug, (I think it must have been around the 10th one) he said "mommy I think its time for you to leave" He was right, the bell had just gone and the other kids were starting to pile in the room.
I took one more quick hug and walked out the door, totally did the mom thing and then stood at the window watching for the next few mins, looking in anticipation if there was any sign of fear or insecurities. Any sign of looking around for mommy! No not one. He is so grown up and ready to get on with school!
Love him so much, his independence and his willingness to tackle anything, not to mention his passion to fight for what he wants and his sweet loving little nature. Yes, all the teachers got Thomas hugs, even the principle was getting some love. He sure knows how to schmooze the girls and make a great first impression.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Not a little boy anymore....

The first day of school!
I now have a 2nd grade student - My how the time has flown!
The preparation for this new school year has been a summer long event, really today was 3mths in the making and I have to say I'm pretty relieved it is here.

Last night the school clothes were laid out for the day to come. The lunch box was filled with yummy goodness (as well as a little letter and candy from mom) Kids in bed early, but not sleeping from the butterflies in their tummies. Nerve's were starting to show. An excited, giddy kind of behavior, where a few times Harry remarked his tummy didn't feel well, it must be the butterflies mommy! When sleep finally came, I could take a big breath and finish preparing for the big transition to come the next morn.

Sleep last night did not come easy to me. I had a dream it was my wedding day and I was rushing around trying to find everything, I couldn't find my dress, I was late and nervous. It was like I was having sympathy nerves with Harry and anxious for him!!!
"Harry, Good morning! Time to wake up big school boy!" To my surprise he woke up with a smile on his face, asking if today was school! Few, first hurdle down, it was a great start!
He got dressed in his smart school clothes and we headed down for breakfast. I could tell he was really nervous as he was pretty silent during breakfast. Towards the end he had a lot of tears and the anxiety poured out. Quite the bumpy transition for the start of the school year. I was fighting back the tears at this point too. Some talking and some more tears, he was soon feeling a little better.
So with everything packed, kids in the car, we headed off...8am yikes that is early!
We pulled up the long drive to his school, a little intimidating to say the least, huge drive with a dominating 3 story building sitting on top of the hill. We got out of the, I could feel his excitement mixed with hesitation.
Its official, Harry is in the 2nd grade at his new school here called Hazelwood Elementary. We walked through the front doors of the building and who was waiting there, but his teacher, waiting to greet him! Love this! Harry said "OK mommy you can go now!" Big hugs were given and that was that! wow!!! Seriously, that was it! I was expecting so many other scenarios, I guess my little guy really is growing up!
I am excited for this school year and all the wonderful possibilities it holds!
A little bit about his new school: Hazelwood offers an ILC (Inclusive Learning Center) which specializes in children who learn differently. We have labeled it as his scientific school as a way to get him excited about the change. We had orientation earlier this week where he got to meet his new teacher Mrs. Olshefski (its a bit of a tricky one so we call her Mrs. O for short) she seems lovely, very sweet and patient which is just what the kids need. The class room is huge with lots of space to learn and create. Harry will start the day in a homeroom with Mrs Dyson in a general ed class where he will also attend music, PE and art with this class. Harry will have lots of opportunities to make new friends and play at what seems to be a wonderful school.