Monday, August 31, 2009

First we come!

Already working hard at his big school boy desk

Tonight was welcome back night at Bryn Mawr Elementary. We met Harry's new first grade Teacher, Mrs. B (still not to sure how to say her name let alone spell it, very German) But she is wonderful, friendly, warm and very sweet. Her classroom is beautiful, bright and open. Not over stimulating and distracting like his Kindy class was. It really did have the most wonderful feel for a classroom, almost tranquil, Mrs. B also seemed very calm and organized, just the environment that Harry needs. I think this will be a good match.
The kids have small desks to work at with their names already designated to a desk. Harry was beyond excited to see his name on the desk near his buddy Jayden. I'm so happy that he has a friend already in his class, but he was separated from all his other friends, they all seemed to have been split up this year...bummer! Hopefully the will get to catch up on the playground at lunch.

Its hard to believe my little guy is moving into the first grade! He is growing up so fast, its hard to let go! I hope this year doesn't go by to fast, I want to hold on to my little man just a little longer and really enjoy every moment with him!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My boys are so Corny....
Fresh corn on the cob, fresh picked that morning!
Driving home from our fun day trip to the Museum og Glass, we decided to drive home the back way, avoiding the freeways and just enjoying the drive home. As we passed through Puyallup we passed a beat up old school chevy truck on the side of the road, loaded with fresh corn...mmm!
7 cobs for $2, you can't beat that.

The boys had a great time shucking the corn and helping prepare and cook. What a fun family meal! Harry ate two while Thomas tried it, not a fan. I think this will become a Sunday tradition, fresh farm veggies for our family dinner prepared by the!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family weekend adventures.....
Glass museum and the Tacoma water front

When we told the boys that we were heading to the museum of glass, Harry's response was just gorgeous..."Mommy, do we get to wear cool glasses when we are there?" Sorry Harry its not that kind of "Glass"! "Is it were we look at our drinking glasses?" Well, lets get ready so we can go check it out! Oh the excitement from a 6yr old...woo hoo!

How fun to see glass blown! The kids thought it fascinating to see the forming of a bowl, from a glob of glass to the finished product. The Glass museum turned out to be quite a hit with the boys. They loved watching the live demonstration and then wondering around looking at the exhibits, although I think their favorite thing to do was scare mom and dad when they went to touch something...agh! They had the security guard on his toes! A number of times he would come and comment that they needed to stay back from the exhibits. But all in all they enjoyed it...ahhh, our little bulls in a china shop, so relaxing! NOT! But in some strange way the place had a very serene and peaceful feeling about it, we all left feeling wonderful!

One of the things on offer for the kids is a an art studio. They can make a set craft, this week they had small cardboard boxes to assemble to make and decorate like a native american dream box. The boys loved this, they colored in native art to stick on the side and they called it their mailbox. The other activity for the kids is a drawing compititon, where the kids do a drawing and they are entered for the chance to have their drawing made into a work of glass, very cool! Harry drew a car with me and him in it, he titled his work "Going down the road" very creative. Thomas drew what seemed to be a face with an apple in the middle? He called it "apple head" oh my creative boys. I would have loved to of taken a pic of these but we both left our cameras at home =( Hopefully one will be selected to made out of glass!

After the glass museum we headed to the Tacoma waterfront, which is mainly industrial. We found a beautiful little park with a rock beach. Yes, rocks had to be thrown! So we parked the car so we could throw rocks in the water. What fun! After a few mins we noticed a huge boat heading our way, it was a pirate ship...seriously! It had the masts, cannons and a deck full of pirates. You should of seen the boys jump up and down with excitement, especially when they saw a second pirate ship coming, what a treat!

What a wonderful family day!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My new do!

I love love love my new hairdresser! Who would have thought Renton would ever get such a fun and trendy salon and just down the street...yay!

I'll be going back to Elements for sure!
Am more than happy with my new do, its a little shorter than I asked for, but then I did ask her to do what she thought would suit me. Such a change from long hair, I think Misty must have cut off over a foot. Perfect for summer! And!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The passing of a beautiful life!
Gwen Palmer 1914 - 2009

Today is my Grandma's funeral, the day I never thought would come. Honestly I felt she would outlive us! OK, hoped she would. This day was one I never wanted to see and now that it is here it is filling my mind with beautiful memories of time spent together. Oh how I am missing her!

I did not make it home for her funeral and am missing the love and support of my family. So today I will be celebrating her life in my own way, out at the beach with my babies and my man. Flying a kite she gave Thomas for his birthday only last week.

My brother will be speaking at the funeral today on behalf of the Marshall grandchildren, We are all adding parts to it.....

Love you Grandma and know you are with me everyday....hugs

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Playtime in the sunshine....

Nana and Grandad gaveThomas a slip and slide for his birthday, perfect, its been so hot! What a fun way to stay cool. Only one problem though, we have the flattest backyard. The boys did not know how to use it with it being so flat. Not much fun. So Dave and I decided to put it on the slide, instant weeeeee factor!!!