Saturday, May 7, 2011

Solar power and science fairs

These last few weeks, a couple of mad scientists have been heard inventing around the house, as both Harry and Dave have brought life to their science fair creation!

How powered wind turbine, which shows the level of energy depending on the time of day sound!! Pfft easy hey! Well watching Harrys little mind you would think so, he's ideas are out of this world!

Time to hand in the paper work and commit to participating, he started stalling and I could tell the anxiety was starting to hit. Being in 2nd grade, the science fair is purely fun. No grades and no compulsive requirements.

Not only did he choose to do a working project, he also decided to do a presentation on it too! Way to go Harry, you blew it out of the water!

He had a ball showing everyone how it worked both staff and students alike. Mr confidence! I could not of been prouder!

On packing up after a day of presenting to his class and checking out other wonderful exhibits it was time to go home, but mom he said...where is the certificate? I assured him he would get his ribbon for participating next week. And off we headed for a celebratory dinner at McDonalds.

Today was the day he had been waiting for, his teacher presented him with a ribbon, but not just any exemplary ribbon!!

Only two students in second grade were awarded this distinction. He earned this as he passed everything on the judges list (this list is for 4th & 5th graders) Just when I thought I couldn't be any prouder, well tears of joy and big hugs all around. I am so proud of you scientist Harry!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

T-Balling Thomas!

The Renton Rascals....
All excited for their very first game! Uniforms worn with pride and all ready for a fun first time of playing ball.
T-Ball is played on a small diamond, which is just the right size for these little guys to run around. The rules are slightly more relaxed, ok totally relaxed! There are no outs and there is no scoring. Its a great introductory to the game with out the pressure of competition. Both teams have all players bat and all get to make it home. They all get to field and choices are based on alphabetical order so there is no favorites! Love it!
What a great little team! For most players they are getting their first taste of T-Ball. What a gorgeous site! Watching 5-6yr olds run around with bats, with permission to throw balls at each other. Highly entertaining! Then there is the usual outfield picking of flowers, building sandcastles in the pitches mound, practicing karate moves while covering 1st base and the wearing the base on your head as a hat...oh the laughs we parents have had!
Up to bat! Thomas is really enjoying his first season. While this is his first official game, he has been going twice a week to team practices for 3 weeks now.
He is so ready for some T-Ball fun! His little buddy Caleigh has quickly become his favorite team-mate and we are enjoying getting to know her parents. They have been long pracices for a little guy, he has been very tired towards the end, but soldiers on to get it done! He is learning to throw over-arm and hit the ball off the T.
Out field position! Ready for the ball...a min later he was spinning around with his t-shirt up over his head bearing his little white belly for all to see. You never know what you will see, but one thing is for sure, you are guaranteed a fun game!