Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where are the photo's?

So my blog has been lacking in the photo department lately, not to mention the blogging department in general! With the kids being sick for over a week plus I was sick the few weeks before that, there really has been nothing to blog. That is unless you want to hear about the constant tissue usage, pj days and really does not make for a very interesting blog!

We have had a few little drama's like Tom's trip to the ER and the Fire Fighters visiting our house, that was all pretty exciting. But all in all we have been pretty much home bodies for the last few weeks.

Now that we are all well again (knock on wood!) I will be back to my regular blogging =)

Also I have really appreciated all the emails encouraging me to keep blogging and asking where the latest updates are...thanks for reading and your continued interest in our blog!

Here is a pic of the boys, right now as I am typing this blog...Harry the Power Ranger and Thomas with his eye's glued to the WALL-E dvd.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Home Work!

With being so confined to the house lately, with sick kids. I have focused my energy into looking after the kids and getting them better as well as getting the house organized! I'll be the first to admit that keeping house is not my strength in fact I really do suck at it! With Dave out of town so much over the last 3 months I have come to not rely on him for any help around the house, gosh its all up to me and its been quite the eye opener!

Dishes in the sink, missing shoes, the mad dash to get the kids on the bus! Well that was the old me. I have been doing my home work, literally! I have been reading lots of books, looking things up online and then trying it out for myself. Learning how to look after and organize a home! Even the boys are now not accepting mess and are picking up after themselves....Victory on the home front!

I have been reading this wonderful book called "House Works" by Cynthia Towney Ewer and it has changed my life! Gone are the days of my messy house determining what I did that day. Do I stay home and clean or get out so I don't have to deal with it? Do I organize to meet a friend at a park because my house is to messy for company? instead now I'm in control and organized! Its all about routine and taking one little step at a time...and it's a wonderful, freeing feeling.

One of my favorite quotes "Do you suffer from CHAOS? Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome!"

So this is my Declaration of the new me!

Here are some websites that I'm addicted too....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Harrison the Karate Kid...

All dressed up and ready to learn!

So it has taken us a long time to determine which Karate school would be the best for him. It was important to us that they were going to teach the character and the beliefs behind the discipline. We ended up going to the one just down the hill, the Washington blackbelt academy. It turns out he has friends in the class that live just down the street too.

He's all signed up, has his uniform and will receive his white belt tonight. So off he goes for his first night of school. Harry gets a private lesson for his first time, this will help him focus and not get distracted by all those around. The master is wonderful at explaining the art to Harry and teaching him that the key to good Martial Arts is discipline...Being a good listener!!! This mom is loving that lesson!

He is so very excited to be learning Karate. And can not believe he has a Karate uniform, its priceless the excitement. He is taking such pride in it and insists on hanging it up in his room for everyone to see. Not to mention showing off his kick'n Karate moves at every chance.

photos to come!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Where did October go? I must have blinked...
I have lots of updating to do, just have to get all the pics of my phone!
Stay tuned...