Friday, October 8, 2010

Arty kinda day......

Both boys were home from school today, thanks to a teacher training day. It came as a little bit of a surprise as I have been out of action lately and didn't read last weeks newsletters to get that info. So needless to say we were all dressed and ready quite early this morning. No wonder the bus never!

So what to do? I threw that question out there to the boys, Thomas wanted to draw and Harry wanted to paint. He saw that the local newspaper had arrived yesterday so he was very excited as he knew we couldn't paint with out paper to cover the table. He's so funny what he thinks of!

Thomas sat down with his paper and crayons, while Harry and I decided to break out the paints. Harry did one painting that he wasn't to proud of (hence no photo) he then did a number of drawings that were just amazing! He's got a great sense of proportion and scale (must get that from his mommy) Thomas eventually picked up a paint brush and had a wonderful time mixing colors, loved exploring what color combination's would create a new color! It was great fun, being creative and talking at the kitchen table for hours!

Here are our completed works.....

Harry's art work of the nunu (sp?) Big flying animal the avatar rides in "The last Airbender" movie.

Another Harry artwork, this is Astro boy next to his satellite dish, saving the world!

Thomas drew a picture of himself next to a building and a control tower and fire and a mountain that was destroyed by the control tower.

Here is mommy's painting! Trying out some designs for a new line =)

Harry turns Eight!!

Happy Birthday to my big Eight year old!! You are growing into such a gorgeous, independent, funny, confident, smart, sweet young boy!
Some of the things you love at the moment are:
  • Start Trek, especially Spock and drawing the USS Enterprise
  • Zhu Zhu pets, your blue one named stone wall
  • Playing your piano that Nana and Grandad gave your for BD
  • Lego, you still love your building things that move
  • Drawing and Painting, your artistic talents are really coming out!
  • You love learning about the weather and all things science
  • You are in the wolf pack at cub scouts with your good friend Jack
  • Today you baked pumpkin bread and you love cooking!
  • You are still a total sweetheart who loves giving mama snuggles
  • Favorite food is watermelon, mac&cheese, hot chocolate, popcorn
  • You love helping others and making them laugh
There is so much more, but these are the things that make you YOU!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Harry is a two wheelin...

The last training wheel finally broke off! "I'm OK Dad, I don't need them anymore!" and off he went. Just like that. He is now flying around the block, doing stunts and giving this mama a heart-attack. Why do boys think they won't break and will try anything...breathe mom breathe!
Harry so proud of you!!